Mannington LVS-Gold 12'

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Anchorage Anchor
Anchorage Anchor
Anchorage Marina
Beach Haven Breakwater
Beach Haven Mist
Black Mountain Oak Coal
Black Mountain Oak Fireside
Black Mountain Oak Pebble
Black Mountain Oak Timber
Cambridge Greystone
Cambridge Limestone
Capri Alabaster
Capri Basalt
Capri Marble
Carrara Ivory
Carrara Pearl
Chaumont Iron Gate
City Plaza Calico
City Plaza Quartzite
City Plaza Stone
Colorado Pebble Bed
Colorado Slate
Coral Bay Daybreak
Coral Bay Overcast
Coral Bay Seashell
Deco Pewter
Deco Wrought Iron
Filigree Iron
Filigree Pewter
Havana Rum
Havana Smoked Habanero
Havana Tobacco
Hexx Cauldron
Hexx Charm
Hive Honey
Hive Pollen
Hive Swarm
Landmark Greystone
Landmark Soapstone
Lattice Elderberry
Millcreek Axle
Millcreek Burhstone
Miramar Fog
Miramar Mist
Miramar Sand
Muir's Point Natural Pumice
Muir's Point Riverstone Blend
Newport Driftwood
Newport Kindle
Newport Sandalwood
Niagara Mist
Niagara Waterfall
Oceana Sand Dollar
Oceana Shell
Oceana Tide
Patina Ash
Patina Carbon
Patina Rust
Penny Lane Quartzite w/Granite
Penny Lane White Quartz w/Basal
Serena Pebble Beach
Serena Sand Dune
Serena Volcanic Ash
Stone Harbor Fog
Stone Harbor Pier
Stone Harbor Seagull
Tapestry Denim
Tapestry Linen
Tapestry Wool
Twill Linen
Twill Wool
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Surface Type:
Coverage Area:
144 Inch
144 Inch
3.3 mm
Installation Type:
  • Full Spread | Loose Lay | Releasable Bond
Sales Unit:
Color Shade:
Pieces per box:
Boxes per Pallet:
Janka Rating:
Price UOM:
  • Residential | Commercial


The classic look of oak and the functionality of resilient come together with Chaumont, a refined vinyl wood floor. This hardwood pattern is fresh and rustically inspired.

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