Palmetto Living Illusions 9303 Marble Hill Soft White Area Rug – # 217267

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Dramatic striations crack the soft white canvas of the Marble Hill area rug. Accented with an innovative sheen and texture, this floor covering effortlessly combines strength, softness and style. Illusions is an innovative, mixed-materials area rug design that combines abstract designs, a soft finish, visual variance and a dynamic texture using a combination of silky and supple yarns. Woven in the USA to provide customers with a superior quality rug at an approachable price point while supporting the American economy. Palmetto Living, a specialty brand of Orian Rugs, guarantees a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to protect against product defects. Care and Cleaning: Vacuum often. This removes loose particles that may cause premature wear and discoloration. When accidents happen, move quickly! Scoop up solids and blot liquids to remove as much of the offending substance as possible. Never scrub or rub, this may cause matting or fuzzing that will mar the appearance of your area rug. For stubborn soils, use a mild cleanser with indications for rugs and carpets. Follow the directions for dilution and dab the area using a Soft White cloth to avoid dye transfer. Professional carpet cleaners will also be able to help.


BrandPalmetto Living
WeaveMachine Made
MaterialPolypropylene with Jute backing
Thickness3/8 inch

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