The freight companies which we use to ship and deliver your orders are some of the largest and respected carriers in the industry. These companies do have certain terms and conditions that you need to be aware of.These are some of the terms and regulations:

  • You can have your orders delivered at your home, business or some designated freight terminal in your local area.
  • We reserve the right to adjust the shipping cost estimated to whatever the actual charges by the carrier are.
  • AFTER you make your purchase we will notify a terminal location nearest to you if you choose this option.
  • Freight rates are slightly lower if your order is delivered at yourbusiness or freight terminal than direct deliveries to your home.
  • As all deliveries are ” curb side” You must have someone at the delivery location to help unload the order.
    If you need assistance in unloading, please call our office in advance,we will explain extra fee for unloading.
  • We will send you an email with terminal phone number and a tracking number for shipment.
  • Usually freight carriers contact you prior to delivery but if in any case you don’t receive any call prior to our email. We suggest you to contact them to confirm time and date of your delivery.
  • Freight Carriers will usually give you a date and a time window of 2 to 6 hours span to deliver your product.
  • The person who receives the delivery must inspect it and sign for the order according to the Delivery Checklist we send you.
  • You Must Inspect your order when delivered according to the detailed inspection Checklist we provide you to follow.
  • If someone else is receiving your order in your absence, please make sure that person signing the order is capable of doing that.
  • You can not sign paperwork and let the driver leave before inspecting your complete order thoroughly, if any material is damaged, it must be noted in paperwork and retained in order for us to issue replacement material to you and reimbursed for us by trucking company if the damage is done by trucking company.
  • For manufacturing defect, if there is any damaged material, replacement will be shipped to you as long as it is noted in the paperwork .
    Be sure that any material you are requesting to be replaced cannot be used and be retained until we have a file a claim for the replacement cost.


ARMAND FLOORING sells all flooring products and tiles by the carton and these are shipped via LTL Freight Companies. Flooring can not be send via UPS.
For this reason, minimum $500 purchase is required to qualify for shipping nationwide.
For further information and inquiries , please call our customer service hotline.