Thousands of households and commercial buildings in the United States prefer tile flooring over any other available types. What do you prefer? Floor tiles offer one of the most convenient yet stylish mechanisms to make a place look fabulous. 

Floor tiles are no longer limited to the plain simple design in solid colors, there is a range of products that you have at your disposal to choose from. Select the ones resonating with your dream picture and make it a reality with Armand Flooring.

Ceramic, Porcelain, Subway, and Mosaic - Explore The Tile Flooring Options

Diversity in the material is part of the best tile offerings. At Armand Flooring, we offer ceramic, porcelain, subway, and mosaics as a few options. Let’s see what's special about each of these floor tiles:

Ceramic Tiles:

These tiles are most commonly used for high-traffic areas. Besides, they are perfect to be used as waterproofing materials in kitchen and bathroom floors.

Porcelain tiles:

If the durability of the floor is your top priority, then porcelain tiles can fit best in this context. Moreover, the porous nature of these tiles makes them less water-absorbent. The best part is that they are available in different styles and designs to be a part of any corner you want.

Subway tile:

The classic, timeless and versatile option you can get in the floor tiles comes through the subway style. The color and design available in this specific tile range are just limited by your imagination. You can get the best of this variety from the Armand tile stores.


One of the best floor and decor tiles you can get for your residential and commercial lobbies are the mosaics. These beautiful art designs can bring a new look to the entire place. The placement of the great artworks in the floor tiles is what Armand Flooring offers to you with the mosaic artworks. Explore the range and get a hold of the great variety.

Tile Color Options you have:

While, beige, blue, and gray are the prominent colors to expect in the floor and decor tiles from Armand Flooring. But you’ll be missing a great range if you ignore the multicolor option. So, see for yourself what color possibilities can change your location’s entire look and purchase them now before it gets too late.

Shop by the look:

Aren’t fond of making choices by the colors? At Armand Flooring, you can shop by the floor’s look too. Wood, stone, polish, marble, and cement are the few options we offer. This means that you can easily choose your floor tiles without worrying about the maintenance of the existing theme of the area.

Trending floor tiles and designs

While shopping for your floor tiles, you don’t have to rely on simple rectangular or square styles. You have a variety in the tile shape and design too. Whether you want a hexagonal tile, patterned variety, or a wood plank-like shape, you can get each one of them at Armand Flooring.

Major features of tile flooring:

From the various other flooring options, here are the major features to compel you to buy the tiles for your floors:


Out of the numerous cheap floor tiles we have discussed above, you can choose any of them and your residential or commercial area would look glamorous. Variety of design, style, shape, and color all brings in the necessary beauty for your area.


The floor tiles prove to be the most durable option you have. If you need the right flooring for the high traffic or water-prone areas then there is none other flooring type that can beat the durability of the tiles.


Above all, you can get functional benefits along with a stylish outlook. With the style that comes with the best floor tiles, you can create a superb design and enjoy a perfect outlook..

What does Armand Flooring offer?

Looking to buy any of the types of floor tiles mentioned above from Armand Tiles? Here are the reasons to choose:

Best Floor Tiles:

Whether you want to categorize in terms of quality of product or design availability, you’ll find the best lot of tiles from us. 

Easy and Fast shipping:

We ship your order to your doorstep all across the United States. Just choose your favorite tiles by color or other categories and get your delivery within a few days. The reason for the extra fast delivery is that we ship directly from our factory, cutting all the red tapes, which could possibly delay your shipment..

Cheap floor tiles:

For the same reason, the price we offer to our customers is a lot lower as compared to our competitors. This means you can get a higher value for your money when transacting with us.  

Why should you get the tile flooring? - All the advantages you can get

By utilizing the best tile flooring options during the renovation can give you multiple advantages, which include:

Long term usage:

The features you can get through the installation of tiles ensure that they remain in their place for as long as you want. 

Available for use in high traffic areas:

If you want to use gray tiles in the office lobby or the stylish version in your home, you can do it easily as these tiles can bear high traffic daily year on year.

Easy installation and grouting:

The installation of tiles isn’t a problem. Floor tile adhesives and skilled laborers can manage the entire process with great ease. Similarly, grouting tiles is convenient and you can get a finer look without doing any extra effort on your part.

Availability of best variety at reasonable prices

While shopping at Armand tile store you can find the cheap floor tiles at the best price, ensuring the maximum value for the customers. The ease of purchase and delivery that we offer is unmatchable and can save you a lot of your time. 

Want to know more about the variety of the floor and decor styles? Explore our website or contact us for further assistance.

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