For the people looking for a unique flooring type with a lot of features, hardwood floors are a great choice.

Beautiful, natural, waterproof and durable - all these features combinedly make these wooden floors one of a kind. You can use this flooring in your living area kitchen, bathroom, or patio to maintain the sophisticated style and elegance.

With the wide variety available in the affordable price range, you can get the most valuable deal for your home.

Unfinished or finished? Your choice

Do you want to get your hardwood floor in the finished or unfinished form? At Armand Flooring, you can get all these hardwood flooring at great price.

You can choose from the variety of flooring from the unfinished or finished range and make your floor look the best.

Selecting the species - this could be challenging

Just like the solid wood floors, choosing the hardwood flooring can be a challenging task especially with the multiple options available in the market.

Either you like the light wood colors or want to have the dark color wood like finish, you can find everything in the hardwood flooring variety. 

Burma Teak, Mapple, Small leaf Acacia, Cumaru, Merbau, and American Walnut are a few wood varieties available for the hardwood floors.

Choose the type of finish:

You can even choose the type of finish that you want your hardwood floor to look like. Armand Flooring offers you the great variety that can make your home look lovely. 

Solid or engineered - what will you choose?

Within the hardwood variety, there are two main options, solid or engineered wood. Each of these types have some specific features that can help you make your decision:

Using the solid wood gives a natural touch to the flooring and can raise the floor level because of its installation mechanism. 

In case of the engineered hardwood floors, you don’t have to keep the room for the floor raising as it can attach to concrete directly. Moreover, it can offer installation advantages in places like basements. But as the top layer of the engineered wood is thin, it might damage with time.

What to expect from hardwood floors?

The hardwood floors offer you the ease of cleanliness and maintenance. You won’t have to scrub the floors to keep them tidy and shiny all the time. Just mop regularly and you’ll see your hardwood glowing just like the new one.

Using hardwood floors also saves you from the warping and cracking issues that are prominent in the solid wood, thus offering you a better alternative with higher strength and durability.

Moreover, this flooring type is weather-resistant to a considerable degree, thus using it in extreme conditions is possible.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors:

Here are the benefits of hardwood floors that you should know:

  1. These floors are created as multi-layers to ensure higher strength, durability and avoidance from cracks
  2. You can choose the wood type based on your personal preference. It can range from anything to the natural wood options to the engineered ones. 
  3. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the scratches, thus moving around, playing and changing the location of the furniture remains easy.
  4. The hardwood planks are micro beveled for convenient fixing and usage.

Why Armand Flooring?

You should choose Armand Flooring because of the following reasons:

Available variety:

Whether you want the engineered wood or solid wood, or looking for the prefinished or site finish options, Armand Flooring has got your back. You can explore the website and find the hardwood flooring that matches your requirements. 

High quality products:

Armand Flooring promises to provide you with the best. We have a strict quality assurance procedure in place that allows us to maintain the quality and bring the best hardwood floors for you. 

Affordable pricing:

The pricing of the hardwood floor variety at Armand Flooring is set considering the purchasing capability of the clients. Besides, the range of products available ensures that every customer can find their required flooring within the budget.


From Armand Flooring, you can get durable products, which can last longer and help you maintain a good residential and commercial standing. 

Create your specific style:

With the hardwood floor tiles from Armand flooring, you can create your own style for every room. Either use them indoors or outdoors with great ease.

Customer support:

Another reason to choose Armand Flooring is that you can get the best support from the customer care representatives. They can help you with your concerns and guide you with the right sizes and optimal fits in a particular situation.

Nationwide Delivery:

Nationwide delivery facility is provided by Armand Flooring. You can order your flooring type from any of the states and get it delivered to your doorstep with great ease.

Free shipping:

Armand Flooring offers you free shipping for all your hardwood products. Avail this offer now.

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